Should We Ease The Lockdown In Hundred Acre Wood?

Should we ease the lockdown

in hundred acre wood?

Tigger is excited,

he really thinks we should.


Eeyore thinks it won’t end well;

he’s pessimistic gloomy

but doesn’t think they’re listening

‘Just go on, ignore me.’


Pooh thinks that they kind of should

But then again they shouldn’t.

In a certain kind of way

he’s really undecided.


Piglet thinks he kind of

quite agrees with Pooh

he’s sure Christopher Robin

will know what’s right to do.


Kanga says that easing up

needn’t be too dreadful

she and Roo will still be safe

if they’re really careful.


Owl who’s very, very wise

says listen to the science

it’s really quite a good idea

or maybe not on balance.


Tigger thinks it’s quite ok

they will control the virus.

Eeyore says it’s really not

he heard it on the wireless.


Owl thinks it’s important

to weigh up all the factors

Pooh and Piglet sort of think

they’ll wait and see what happens.


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