Andrew Green is a regular contributor to Wattpad.com where his first two poetry collections were featured. His poem Living, Breathing Slough won a local competition and was broadcast on Local radio and Radio Four’s You and Your’s programme.

His first published book, Margaret’s Story, is a biography in verse. It tells the story of his mother who always talked about writing her story but could never get beyond the first chapter. We learn that, as an army kid, Andrew spent his infancy in Italy, received an itinerant education in the north and south of England, Germany and Cyprus.

After college he spent two years as a Volunteer in Northern Nigeria. He never lost his love of travel and has travelled extensively in recent years. He particularly enjoys visiting India and the sub continent.

He lives near Windsor in sight of the royal residence and has volunteered his services as a would be Laureate. He’s a proud grandfather and father to two sons; a stand up comedian and a ‘one day’ writer.