Wee Willie Winkie

Wee Willie Winkie 

runs through the town

making sure the town folk

are all locked down.


Rapping on the windows

tapping on the doors

telling all the town folk

they’re better off at home.


Wee Willie Winkie

goes out once a day

keeps socially distant

well out people’s way.


Wee Willie Winkie

didn’t used to run

but now it’s in the guidance

doesn’t everyone?


Willie sees the townsfolk

going two by two.

He tuts and frowns

and sucks his gums

and frets about the rules.


Some folks break them

get the rules wrong

but Wee Willie Winkie

never thinks he’s one.


Jack and Jill both got ill


Jack went off got a cough, Jill came tumbling after.




Jack and Jill both got ill

were pale and chill all over

Jack went off and caught a cough

And Jill came tumbling after.


Up Jack got and home did trot

to social isolation

he could not see his mother in law

which was some consolation.


It’s worse than flu and does for you

Whatever they might tell you

But thank God for the NHS

and all the ventilators.


The moral thus is stay at home

in case you catch it later.

Wash your hands and stay apart

or you’ll end up as data.


In the town of Corona, 

locked up in her tower

I plead with Rapunzel 

to let down her hair.


Rapunzel, Rapunzel

your hair is so long,

we’re socially distanced;

how can it be wrong?


Rapunzel, Rapunzel

It’s two metres long,

potentially longer,

so thick and so strong.


Rapunzel, Rapunzel

I could wear a mask.

Just let your hair down.

Is it too much to ask?


Rapunzel, Rapunzel

I’ll go round the bend?

They’ve furloughed us princes

Where will this all end?


Rapunzel, Rapunzel

I could take the test?

Or should we just FaceTime

perhaps that is best?

Lockdown in Narnia


Is going through the wardrobe

allowed in lockdown rules?

Will it still be winter there

and will the frost be cruel?


If on the road you met a faun

could you talk to him?

Could you catch the virus there

or are the chances slim?


If it’s always winter there

when will lockdown end?

If you met an evil witch

would distancing offend?


Would she offer evil treats

a really easy cure?

And do they count the numbers there?

Is someone keeping score?


Could PPE save Aslan

or must the lion die?

Can clapping bring him back again

or is that just a lie?

Discovery Prompt – Team

A brilliant individual;

he didn’t fit the team.

He liked to hog the ball a lot,

would seldom ever pass.

So many a chance went begging,

though he wasn’t different class.

 The coach took him aside one day

and told him what he thought.

Tension in the dressing room!

Things got very fraught.

He might have been a genius

But didn’t help the rest of us.

He ended up a substitute

seldom off the bench.

They transferred him eventually

and, though it was a wrench;

the team was stronger over all

for their togetherness.






Shoplifting Down!

We can’t let up on lockdown

It’s helping to fight crime

The incidence of shoplifting

the lowest of all time.

Shutting all the shops up

Has really done the job

And no footie hooligans

Or loud unruly mobs.

They’ve put an end to bar fights

By closing all the pubs

Loving all the numbers

Except, perhaps, the deaths.

So focus on the good news

And don’t make too much fuss

It’s pretty hard for criminals

And not just all of us.


It’s buried, it’s hidden,

nowhere you will find

the answer to the riddle

veiled in mists of time.


There’s no point

in you asking

for you will never find

where my secret’s hidden

buried in my heart.


Where prying eyes can’t find it

and cackling tongues can’t tell

the hidden, guilty secret

I have kept so well.


A response to the Daily Post Discover Prompt






Daily Prompt – Vex!

Its a while since I did the daily prompt

Used to do them all the while.

Now it’s ‘vex’! Whatever next?


It’s awkward, clumsy, not my style!

If  I’d only known it’d come to this!

I wouldn’t have bothered, really vexed.


So frustrated, don’t like this

Really annoyed with such a word!

Not what I planned for

I’m quite peeved.


It vexes me

You chose that word!

Who’d have thought

It would come to this?




Seems we found an answer

To that virus thing

It wasn’t like the medics knew

What do experts bring?



Bleach and disinfectant

Ought to do the trick

Flush the sickness out of you

Hit it with a stick.



Ask a snake oil doctor

If you want the truth

No use over thinking

Answers on the hoof.



Have you thought of sunlight?

Fresh air, open doors?

What’s the use of doctors

When you’re in the wars?



Inject with disinfectant

Stick it in your arm

Forget the manufacturers

What could be the harm?



You can’t think I was serious?

Who’d be such a fool?

That’d be ridiculous

Fake news, over-ruled.