Do trains still stop?

744C59BD-E935-4AC8-BDCF-5D08A3FC027CDo trains still stop at Adlestrop?

And if they stop will any look

Glance out, take in, survey the scene?

Do Whitsun couples line the route

With bridal veils and clumsy heels?

Would any notice if they did?

And if past rosey Ruislip gardens 

ran a red electric train

Who would stare from out its windows

Catch the views of backs of houses

Note the clacking of the lines?

Will the mail trains’ midnight journey

Clatter through commuters’ minds

When they’re bent, their eyes cast downward,

Staring at their mobile phones?

Gone the times of quite reflection,

Scenes half glimpsed; imagined things.

Plugged into their wretched ear phones

Who will hear if blackbird sings?

Imagination hit the buffers;

Signal failure down the line

End of reverie and reflection

Eyes cast down we squint at screens.

Who sees out the grimy window?

Who is looking out the train?

Where did quiet reflection go?

Will we know who went or came?



Now you’re sixty four

Now that we’re older still got my hair

Several years have passed

Grateful if you send me a valentine

Better still a bottle of wine

Hate staying out till quarter to three

Did I lock the door?

Though you don’t need me, will you still feed me

Now you’re sixty four?

I’ve got older too

But daren’t say a word

Want to stay with you.

I am still useless mending a fuse

When the lights have gone

No one knits sweaters by the fireside

Sunday mornings no time to ride

Doing the garden, digging the weeds

Who could ask for more?

Though you don’t need me, will you still feed me

Now you’re sixty four?

Every summer you can book a ticket for a long haul flight

Glad it’s not too dear

Got the mortgage paid.

Grandchildren on your knee

Coral, Blaze and Jade.

Send me an e mail, tweet me a tweet

Status, point of view.

Indicate roughly what u mean 2 say

Yours sincerely, tapping away

Give me your answer, filling a form

Takes for evermore

Though you don’t need me, will you still feed me

Now you’re sixty four?



Circuitous, roundabout

Not straight to the point.

You kind of get there in the end

But by a tortuous route.


I’m not sure how ŵe got here

Or quite the route we came

We kind of made it in the end

Via your circuitous route.


I guess it’s the arrival

And getting here that counts

But how we got here I’m not sure

Circuitous the route.



via Circuitous