you learned to shrink

for a family that liked

it’s daughters invisible

my whole family

lurked invisibly

for generations

in the corners of rooms

or on barrack room bunks

silent till summoned

quiet in the land

you learned the art

of being empty

believing them

when they told you

you are nothing

we never needed to be told

we knew our place

waiting in the shadows

to fulfil our better’s needs.

or die obediently in their wars.


Fan Friction

I’d never heard of fanfic till I started writing on Wattpad now I’ve realised with a start I’m practically writing the stuff.

My new Wattpad book Light and Bitter is my failed attempt to write like best selling poet Rupi Kaur. I say failed because our styles are totally different.

Rupi made her name on Instagram. Her work is invariably short, often striking but to my mind not really Poetry. I’m intrigued more than a fan.

Sometimes Light and Bitter tries to imitate from a different perspective. Other times it will expand on a suggested theme or question what has been written.

Is this fan fiction? Perhaps I’ve invented a new genre Fan Friction?


From Light and Bitter on Wattpad


i could never get things right

a constant disappointment

but now i’m turning into you


afraid of your voice

i learned not to speak

you were quiet too

the silence more wounding than words


a man’s silence is different

from a woman’s

it speaks of feelings

he dare not broach


we can bleed

but must not cry

what was it

you never said

to me and why?