My Books

Begging Your Pardon – Please Can I Be Laureate

Available on Amazon as a  Paperback or Kindle

A respectful but sometimes irreverent look at the royal family. A tongue in cheek request to be considered as the U.K.’s next Poet Laureate.

Margaret’s Story – A Biography in Verse

Available on Amazon as a Paperback or Kindle.

Margaret always talked about writing her story but could never get beyond the first chapter. Born illegitimately to a domestic servant in 1930s Brighton; the circumstances of her birth affected her whole life. Subject to emotional abuse from foster parents and her grandmother she married young and had four children. She was a loving mother and grandmother but couldn’t find it in her to love herself. This is her story.

And on Wattpad:

Summer Sun, Winter Rain

My Wattpad Debut and a Featured Story. Summer Sun, Winter Rain is a collection of poems from different periods of my life some, happy some sad. There are memories of friends and loved ones loved and lost, recollections of places I’ve been and things I’ve done. Living Breathing Slough won a local competition and was featured on local and national radio.

Second Wind

Second Wind (also featured) is an eclectic collection of mostly light hearted poems but often has a serious message and takes the occasional side swipe at politicians and those in power.

Third Verse (Work in Progress)

Like my previous collections Third Verse is a mix of moods and styles with a mission to entertain. I keep it light and good humoured if I can but there’s often a message there too.

Down to Earth God (Prose)

A book about God, for people who don’t ‘do’ God, in plain simple language stripped of religious jargon.