Once God sent a lightning bolt

An angel or a plague or two.

That’s fair enough cos then you’d know

That God had got fed up with you.


Now it’s an idiot in a truck

Or with a knife to carve you up.

I wish to God that they would stop;

These beasts with nothing much up top.


God’s rules are for the good of man

You shouldn’t mess with His great plan.

But is it part of God’s great plan

to leave his work to such a man?


It’s through the ‘work’ of such as these

We shame to say that we believe.

If you must work for God above

Then set your self to work for love!


Why do they think Almighty God

needs them to shed an innocent’s blood?

If God should choose to intervene;

it’ll be on them he vents his spleen!

The right kind of bombs


We hate chemical warfare

Dropping the wrong kind of bombs.

We’re taking retaliatory action

Because chemical bombing is wrong.


Our smart bombs will all hit their target

Make sure no civilians are hurt

But if we hit any women or children

At least they’re the right kind of bombs?


We still sell conventional weapons

We don’t care who they’re sold too

We hope they won’t kill any children

Though the ‘right kind’ of bombs sometimes do.



They’re dropping gas

So now they’re dropping gas on kids.

How do we put up with this?

Turn your back just look away?

Can’t think of such a thing today?

People dead from Sarin gas

Civilians helpless; air attacks

Suffocating, can not breath,

Convulsion and paralysis

How can we put up with this?

Beyond belief it’s such a mess

Dropping bombs on women, kids.

So much for the Arab Spring

Hopes of better things back then.

Must we deal with this today?

It’s got so bad what can we say?

Who’s fighting who, what for and why?

Why must all these children die?

Russian or a Syrian bomb?

Terrorist arsenal ? We don’t know.

Who dropped the bomb, what for or why?

All we know is children die.

The powers pile in, it’s such a mess

Why must children die like this?

We scarcely know who’s on what side.

Why must all those children die?

Who builds the bombs? What do they cost?

The cost we see is human lives.

What’s it about? How will it end?

It has to end that’s all I know!

How can we put up with this?

They’re dropping gas on women, kids.

This is for Allah

“This is for Allah.” Slash your throat.
We mow you down, we thrust, we gloat,
Condemn your brazen western ways,
Condemn your carefree summer days.

We bomb, we maim, we kill small girls
For so God’s purpose is unfurled.
We’ve no time for a God of peace
We’ll wipe you out like some disease.

Our minds are closed, we’re full of hate
We wound and kill for God is great.
We show no pity; slash and slay.
Compassion, mercy what are they?

Don’t speak to us of peace and love
We’ve clear instructions from above
Seems God who did our world create,
Now wants it filled with mindless hate.


Samantha’s Poem – I knew that you were different.

A poem by my niece and god daughter Samantha Mayhew.

I knew that you were different, from 18 months old
But don’t worry about tomorrow, or so I kept being told.
He’s just being lazy, he’s just a typical boy,
But Mummy knew best, I wasn’t going to sit by.

I can only count my blessings, for the life I had been dealt
For your diagnosis of autism, I knew a little bit about.
The Medics, did not scare me, sometimes I had to remind them of their job
At times if felt so hard, I was taking on a lot.

A letter of diagnosis was written in June 2017, I remember thinking YES!
This is EXACTLY what we need.
For thinking the fight was over, I admit I was a fool
By the time we got the paper work I knew you needed help in school.

Through a blessed work journey I experienced the perfect setting,
It had my full approval, but I needed your EHCP in.
We did not receive letter of diagnosis until February 2018
If we had it timely, how different could this process have been?!

I was a Mum on a mission, I had to get things done
‘I will not let him fail, my beautiful, perfect son.’
The paperwork abundance, flying over the desk
‘I WONT let my boy fail!’ resounds in my head.

Meetings, meeting, meetings, doctors’ appointments and all
Just to give evidence that you needed help – and could attend the perfect school
But why?When I knew you were different from so young, did we have to wait so long?!
They said ‘Don’t worry about tomorrow, face the day, let’s carry on!’

So that is what I decided to do, trust the professionals and relax.
Now I’m stumped, for precious time, that we’re never getting back.
But we must not look back in anger, time is never on our side.
But my boy please know this, by God I’ve tried and tried.

I will always keep strong, for you, and what I believe is right.
I will try to be a warrior and not lay down without a fight.
‘With knowledge comes power’ Will always stick by me
My mission is to be an ambassador for people with ASD
So: I keep on learning, each and every day
Let’s make a stand together and show the world the way!


Pistol Packin’ Teachers

I posted this first on Wattpad where it provoked an interesting discussion.

Pistol Packin’ Teachers

I’m a pistol packin’ teacher
It’s best you don’t forget!
Mess around in my class
You know just what you’ll get!

There is no corporal punishment
That wouldn’t make no sense.
Just be sure you don’t commit
A capital offence!

Will be no use complain’n
If you’re reported ‘late’
We teach em Christian values
And fightin’ hate with hate.



All Fall Down

Another school shooting in Florida. More young people have lost their lives for Americans’ right to bear arms. I’ve wheeled this poem out before but sadly nothing ever changes. It’s hard for outsiders to understand. I guess the thinking goes like this.

All Fall Down.

The answer to all the killing
Is more good men with guns
The goodies will shoot the baddies
The baddies will all fall down.

The baddies might get some goodies
But they’ll die in a very good cause
The noble cause of the right to bear arms
Bang, bang they all fall down.

Here’s to the Wild West shoot out
The good guys in white hats
Sad about Vegas n’ Sandy Hill
We’ll mow those baddies down.

You have to have some violence
In order to keep the peace
Here’s to the ring of gunfire
And the ones who all fell down.