The wise man builds his house on rock

I built mine on sand.

I’m ok while the sun still shines.

For now my life is grand.

For now it’s all just perfect,

In fact my life’s a beach.

I gamble freely in the sand

I’m out of trouble’s reach.

I have to pray it never rains

My dreams aren’t washed away.

I never make too many plans

Just live from day to day.

I know that life can trickle through

your fingers just like sand

but I’m happy enough, at least for now,

On this most pleasant strand.

Life can be a bully

Kick sand in your face

But, for now, I’m right at home

in my happy place.



It’s buried, it’s hidden,

nowhere you will find

the answer to the riddle

veiled in mists of time.


There’s no point

in you asking

for you will never find

where my secret’s hidden

buried in my heart.


Where prying eyes can’t find it

and cackling tongues can’t tell

the hidden, guilty secret

I have kept so well.


A response to the Daily Post Discover Prompt






Daily Prompt – Vex!

Its a while since I did the daily prompt

Used to do them all the while.

Now it’s ‘vex’! Whatever next?


It’s awkward, clumsy, not my style!

If  I’d only known it’d come to this!

I wouldn’t have bothered, really vexed.


So frustrated, don’t like this

Really annoyed with such a word!

Not what I planned for

I’m quite peeved.


It vexes me

You chose that word!

Who’d have thought

It would come to this?


It’s broken, fragmented,

smashed into bits,

totally busted,

defective and chipped.


I’m not sure who broke it;

what damaged the thing?

It’s mangled, demolished,

disgusting. Just fling!


Too hard to restore it

and put the thing right.

It’s pointless and useless

A hideous sight!


A throw away thing

In a throw away world

No longer of use

They’re discarded and hurled.

via Broken


Juxtapose two opposites

Completely different things.

Contradictory qualities

And differences they bring.


Sometimes you must make a choice

And choose between the two.

But ‘either or’ solutions

Don’t always fit the bill.


You needn’t always make that choice

Although you sometimes will.

There are ‘both and’ solutions

Where both things can be true.

And embracing life’s diversity

Will be the thing to do.


via Juxtapose

A response to the Daily Prompt

Let’s not stand on ceremony

Let’s not stand on ceremony

Be blinded by the pomp!

Don’t think you can cling to power

Through how you dress things up.


We see through that palaver

The masquerade and games.

We all respect the history

But things can’t stay the same.


We like change to be gradual

The past not swept away.

But know that in the end

It’s the people who hold sway.


A response to the Daily Prompt

via Ceremony

Now You’re Famous

You longed to be known and famous.

It happened and now you’re not sure.

The paparazzi are calling

You’re not quite sure what it’s for.


You don’t want them knowing your business

You don’t want the fuss anymore.

The trappings of fame are perfidious

You wish you were once more obscure.


You can’t put the cork in the bottle

The good life is starting to pall.

The eyes of the world are upon you

You wish you could hide from it all.


via Famous


Good grief a doppelgänger

Another one like me?!!

Sounds a really scarey thought

But can happen apparently!


Is it just a look thing

So facially we’re twins

Or, shaped by our appearance,

Experience similar things?


Can different personalities

Hide behind one face

Or is there another, like of me

But in a different place?




via Doppelgänger


We find the defendant guilty

Take him from the dock.

There ought to be a sentence

But for some crimes there is not.


The guilty pangs of conscience

Are sometimes all we’ve got.

To know that he is guilty

Will forthwith be his lot.


There’s no reprieve of sentence

Or chance of an escape

Haunting knowledge he did that

Will eat him from inside.



via Guilty