You’re making a big assumption.

Are you sure you got this right?

You may not have the answer

Jumping in’s not bright.


Don’t rush to make assumptions

Before you’ve thought it through

Stop to think, discuss a bit

Get other points of view.


It may not be what you’re thinking.

It could be you got it wrong.

If you had properly thought this through

You’d sing a different song!


Things mightn’t be how you think them

That may not be how to is.

If it turns out later you called it wrong

You’ll rememember I said this.


Don’t leap to wrong conclusions

Or get the wrong end of the stick.

Sometimes you have to pause and think

Before you rush to pick.


A response to the Daily Prompt

via Assumption



It’s time to go I’ll disappear

It’s clear that I’m not useful here.

I’m past my ‘sell by’ out of date

To slip away will be my fate.


When turning up is just a chore

You don’t belong there any more.

I’ve served my purpose, done my bit

There’s nothing left. I guess that’s it.


I’m out of here. I’m done I’m through.

There’s other stuff I want to do.

I don’t feel that I’m needed here.

It’s time to go I’ll disappear.


A response to the Daily Prompt

via Disappear


It’s all a little bit awkward

I don’t know what to say.

In truth we’re not accustomed

To doing things this way.


It’s all a bit unfortunate

Not how it’s supposed to be.

We’ll have real trouble explaining

How things got this way.


The situation’s awkward

It shouldn’t be this way.

Blushing and tongue tied

I don’t know what to say.





via Awkward

Premature Application

My application’s too early – a little bit premature

It seems Carol Ann still wants the job

And there’s not enough cash for two.


Two hundred a year and canary wine

Must stretch the coffers enough

My application’s premature

They don’t need two of us.


They don’t need another Laureate

At least for now, not yet.

So I’ll sharpen up my craft a bit

For now she’s a better bet.


At least I did a poem though

They can’t take that away.

I’ve done my little bit to help

The couple’s special day.


A response to the Daily Prompt

via Premature


Enthusiam’s infectious

It really catches on.

Once you’ve been infected

You’re sure to pass it on.


It affects everyone around you

To really good effect

And once everyone has caught it

There’ll be no going back.


So give it a shot

And try to infect

Everyone around.

It’ll have an effect

There’ll be no going back

And there is no cure for that.


via Infect


Your aim’s not straight

It’s bent, it’s skewed.

You’ve hit it wrong

It’s been miscued.


You hit it wrong

The flight’s not true.

It’s not gone

Where you  meant it to!


You hit it wrong

It’s such a shame.

It’s clear that you

Are off your game.


We get things wrong

We make mistakes

You had a chance

You didn’t take.


Today you failed

You don’t feel great

Another day

You’ll hit it straight.


via Skewed

Lost in the forest


I’m lost in the forest

Lost  in the wood

Surrounded by trees

Encompassed in myth.


Who lives in the forest?

What lurks in the wood?

Secrets surround us

What darkness is this?


Folk tales and heroes

And things that are hid

Don’t talk to strangers

Or get lost in the wood.


Men of the forest

All dressed in green

Things we don’t speak of

Perils unseen.


Keep to the path

If you pass through the wood

Hear the trees whisper

Beware of the wolf.


via Forest