India’s Plastic Problem


Once if you went to India
They’d warn you to watch your tum
They’d speak of Delhi Belly
And other joys to come.

But now there is bottled water
You can buy it anywhere
And they don’t tell ‘would be’ tourists
That they will get the runs.

So now they moan about rubbish
They say it’s everywhere
They forget it’s for our stomachs
That much of it is there.

India’s day starts with sweeping
It’s done with a bunch of twigs
And then the rubbish they burn it
It’s always been that way

But those wretched plastic bottles
They just won’t burn away.
So the rubbish made of plastic
Alas will often stay.

So tourists if there’s rubbish
Before you express disgust
Just remember the problem
Is partly caused by us.


Costing the earth

Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch some bottled water
Drank it through a plastic straw
Cost more than it oughta.

They drank it up and home did trot
As fast as they could caper
Why must water cost the earth?
It gets me in a vapour.

All the plastic that we use
Has to go to landfill
Or means a fish, perhaps a bird
Will suffer fate quite dreadful.

Water,water everywhere
Why the need for plastic?
Forget Jack’s pail just turn a tap
Doesn’t sound too drastic.

Jack came tumbling down the hill
Jill came tumbling after
Drinking bottled water still?
Doesn’t get much dafter.