Archaic, old fashioned, out of step.

Archaic, old fashioned, out of step

Not caught up with fashion yet.

Against new things, averse to change

Declare what’s new as weird or strange.

You’re a throw back to the past

Your influence will wane can’t last.

The future’s not for such as you

We will grasp it. It is ours.

via Archaic



We find the defendant guilty

Take him from the dock.

There ought to be a sentence

But for some crimes there is not.


The guilty pangs of conscience

Are sometimes all we’ve got.

To know that he is guilty

Will forthwith be his lot.


There’s no reprieve of sentence

Or chance of an escape

Haunting knowledge of what he did

Will eat him from inside.



via Guilty

Getting in the Water (Not a Haiku)

A toe dipped in the water

A toe dipped in the sea

In up to my ankles

That’s enough for me.

Wade a little further

Water round my calf,

In up to my middle

Laps my upper half.

Now it’s all or nothing

Finally took the the plunge.


Written for Intro to Poetry Day One Challenge. I did a Haiku too but that’s not really my style.





You’re making a big assumption.

Are you sure you got this right?

You may not have the answer

Jumping in’s not bright.


Don’t rush to make assumptions

Before you’ve thought it through

Stop to think, discuss a bit

Get other points of view.


It may not be what you’re thinking.

It could be you got it wrong.

If you had properly thought this through

You’d sing a different song!


Things mightn’t be how you think them

That may not be how to is.

If it turns out later you called it wrong

You’ll rememember I said this.


Don’t leap to wrong conclusions

Or get the wrong end of the stick.

Sometimes you have to pause and think

Before you rush to pick.


A response to the Daily Prompt

via Assumption

Love your English accent


You love my English accent

But that leaves me confused.

You don’t tell a French speaking Frenchman

His accent’s awfully cute.


I’m from England; speaking English.

The clue is in the name.

I don’t think I have an accent

Whatever you may claim.


If someone has an accent

I’m rather afraid it’s you.

I’m just speaking proper English

It’s what we English do.


So tootle pip for now old bean

And off we jolly go.

I’m speaking my own language

It’s English don’t you know?