Man of your dreams

If I dream of you
Will you dream of me?
Could we meet maybe
In each other’s dreams?

I’ll be so perfect
Met in a dream
And you, as always,
Will be perfect to me.

Could we meet perhaps
In each other’s dreams?
I’ll meet you there
If you’ll meet me.

You’ll find that I’m perfect
While you’re asleep.
It’s the one place I’m always
The man of your dreams.



This is for you who feel unloved
Love’s not for you, it’s passed you by.
It flickered once perhaps to die.
And now you feel it’s not for you.

Who will come let down your hair
Remove your glasses, hold you tight.
Give precious hugs, a kiss good night?
Who’ll be special just for you?

Perhaps another much like you
That feels unloved just like you do?
One with a kiss you could transform
Perhaps kindle love that died still born?

They may not sweep you off your feet
But look for their face in friends you greet
In one perhaps that loved you once
But lacked some vital confidence.

This is to say that you are loved
Perhaps in unrequited sense
Another’s lonely, needs your love
Some lovers need a gentle shove.


They call it infatuation
It feels like you’ve fallen in love
You believe that one special person
Has fallen from heaven above.

The truth is you don’t really know them
However absorbing your crush.
You’ve pinned all those feelings on them
But it’s nothing to do with them much.

There’s hormones raging inside you
A love you just have to get out.
So this was who you latched on to
And now you’re in love, you’ve no doubt.

You think that if they ignore you
It’ll be the end of the world.
Seems nothing will shake your viewpoint
That beside them you want to be curled.

True love’s when you get to know them
And learn they have faults as they will
True love’s when you know they’re imperfect
But find that you love them still.

Frogs and Princes


Frog Prince

You dreamed of a prince on his charger
Or a frog to transform with your kiss
There’d be happiness ever after
So how did it come to this?

He should have rode into the sunset
And left you there pining for him
But the mistake you both made
Was you let him move in
And now it’s all going wrong.

Men look rough in the morning
Their habits are messy and vile
The truth will be gradually dawning
Frog into prince takes a while.

One kiss ain’t going to do it
It takes more patience than that.
It takes time to smooth the rough edges
But no-one tells you bout that.