Frogs and Princes


Frog Prince

You dreamed of a prince on his charger
Or a frog to transform with your kiss
There’d be happiness ever after
So how did it come to this?

He should have rode into the sunset
And left you there pining for him
But the mistake you both made
Was you let him move in
And now it’s all going wrong.

Men look rough in the morning
Their habits are messy and vile
The truth will be gradually dawning
Frog into prince takes a while.

One kiss ain’t going to do it
It takes more patience than that.
It takes time to smooth the rough edges
But no-one tells you bout that.


5 thoughts on “Frogs and Princes

  1. Well this certainly rings true. Lol And princesses can wake up grumpy and don’t actually go around singing to birds in the forest. I fear Disney movies had us believing in happily ever afters and love at first sight. Personally, I never bought the bit about kissing a frog. Yuck. I did however, think for a while that a knight in shining armor would show up on my doorstep… until I realized that I’d probably do a better job of slaying the dragon. So much for fairytales. I actually wrote a paper on this subject when I was getting my masters. The professor (a woman) quite liked it. The beautiful thing about the passing of time is that wisdom suddenly takes over and our outlook about princes and princesses is much more realistic. That being said… the latest version of Cinderella that I watched with my grand daughter was quite charming. I confess, we did dress up as princesses and dance around…. but then I told her that she could also be The President of the United Stated when she grew up, so I covered all bases! 😉


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