A Possibilty

Possibly, improbably

You’ll maybe fall

in love with me.


I’ll love you

And you’ll love me

Life will be sheer poetry.


Possibly, incredibly

The likes of you

Will fall for me.


I’ll clap my hands

I’ll dance with glee

If such a thing

Should ever be.






A Dalliance

It’s really just a dalliance

A casual quick affair

Shouldn’t really of happened

But I saw you standing there.


It never really meant much

A spur of the moment thing

But I think of it and the sunshine

And my heart begins to sing.


Just a casual dalliance

A meaningless affair

But my heart still jumps

When I think of you

And I wish we were still there.





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Thrill of anticipation

Thrill of anticipation

Hating you have to wait

It’s gonna be tremendous

Really, really great.


It’s bound to be worth waiting

You’ve got it all planned out

Will meet your expectations

Of that there is no doubt.


No room for disappointment

It’s bound to go to plan

Awful if it doesn’t

Your hopes all down the pan.


Sometimes anticipation’s

As good as it will get

You get the most enjoyment

For what’s not happened yet.





Here’s to Camaraderie

Making common cause

Comrades joining forces

Without a seconds pause.


All out for our comrades

Join up with our mates

Unity of purpose

Together we are great.


Working for each other

Helping others out

Voices join a chorus

United, hear us shout.


A twig is easily broken

A bunch of twigs is not

United in a friendship

To never be forgot.



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A Hoax

It’s a hoax, a scam, a total fix

Surprised that you could fall for this.

The claims are false, a pack of lies

Youd walk away if you were wise.


He’s always doing stuff like this

You ought to give the guy a miss.

Don’t be fooled get taken in

Or listen to the likes of him.


He’s always on the look for fools

Gullible the ones he’ll choose.

Give me a break

For goodness sake.

It ain’t the truth.

It’s just a hoax.

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Remainers (Triolet)

Why did today’s word of the day remind me of Brexit? 19 million voted for Brexit and 18 million voted against.


The people spoke and some were heard

But some were not and they’re still cross.

Some eighteen million were ignored.

The people spoke; not all were heard.

They will pretend we all concurred.

But some still say, ‘Who speaks for us?’

The people spoke and some were heard

But some were not and they’re still cross.

Some eighteen million were ignored

So forty eight per cent were cross.

The people spoke not all were heard.

For eighteen million were ignored.

And can’t accept what has occurred.

The Brexit vote divided us.

For eighteen million were ignored.

And forty eight per cent are cross.

Where is there now to place a cross

For those who ask, ‘Who speaks for us’

And grieve the referendum lost?

Where is there now to place their cross

For those who feel a sense of loss?

Remainers ask, ‘Who speaks for us?’

And plot where now place to their cross

Their question now, ‘Who speaks for us?’



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