The rule of the Indian road


The rule of the Indian road

Is not the same as our own

The bigger you are 

The more road you own

Is the rule of the Indian road.


No one holds back or ever gives way

Always go forward’s the rule of the day.

No matter how small the space

You’ll somehow or other get through.


You must use every inch of the road

Be you tuck tuck, or push bike or car.

No matter how small the space

There’s always a way to get through.


Forget all the rules at a junction

You all have to sort of nudge in.

There’s no holding back

Just find the right space

And somehow 

You’ll push yourself in.


Though their looming towards you

There’ll be a way through;

Breath in there should just be room.


The rule of the road is unruly

There’s no rhyme or reason at all.

And yet they’re not aggressive

You’ll seldom see anger or anxt.


You kind of get through

And others do too

There’s always just enough space.


Now you must sound your horn whenever you pass.

It’s considered the polite thing to do.

It’s never sounded in anger.

It just means nudge up let me through.


Now the rule of the road in India

Is we don’t need too many rules

But the main rule of all

That makes them all work

Is the rule that says

Thou shalt not kill.


Samantha’s Poem – I knew that you were different.

A poem by my niece and god daughter Samantha Mayhew.

I knew that you were different, from 18 months old
But don’t worry about tomorrow, or so I kept being told.
He’s just being lazy, he’s just a typical boy,
But Mummy knew best, I wasn’t going to sit by.

I can only count my blessings, for the life I had been dealt
For your diagnosis of autism, I knew a little bit about.
The Medics, did not scare me, sometimes I had to remind them of their job
At times if felt so hard, I was taking on a lot.

A letter of diagnosis was written in June 2017, I remember thinking YES!
This is EXACTLY what we need.
For thinking the fight was over, I admit I was a fool
By the time we got the paper work I knew you needed help in school.

Through a blessed work journey I experienced the perfect setting,
It had my full approval, but I needed your EHCP in.
We did not receive letter of diagnosis until February 2018
If we had it timely, how different could this process have been?!

I was a Mum on a mission, I had to get things done
‘I will not let him fail, my beautiful, perfect son.’
The paperwork abundance, flying over the desk
‘I WONT let my boy fail!’ resounds in my head.

Meetings, meeting, meetings, doctors’ appointments and all
Just to give evidence that you needed help – and could attend the perfect school
But why?When I knew you were different from so young, did we have to wait so long?!
They said ‘Don’t worry about tomorrow, face the day, let’s carry on!’

So that is what I decided to do, trust the professionals and relax.
Now I’m stumped, for precious time, that we’re never getting back.
But we must not look back in anger, time is never on our side.
But my boy please know this, by God I’ve tried and tried.

I will always keep strong, for you, and what I believe is right.
I will try to be a warrior and not lay down without a fight.
‘With knowledge comes power’ Will always stick by me
My mission is to be an ambassador for people with ASD
So: I keep on learning, each and every day
Let’s make a stand together and show the world the way!