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Summer of Sixty Six – Part Fifteen


E0800ABE-56FF-443B-93AC-970402993BBA.jpegSo now we are playing extra time

Anything can happen

We’re all on edge.

Charlton comes close

And hits the post.

And then the goal 

We still remember

The one the Germans

Can’t forget.

Hurst’s shot comes down

Off the bar

It strikes the ground 

But the question is

Where ?!!

Did the ball

Ever cross the line?

Every Englishman’s sure

Every German says no

Will we ever really know?

The referee he wasn’t sure

But the Russian linesman

He said yes!

And to German grief

The goal was awarded.

The debate goes on

It has never ended

They’re still debating 

That goal today.

You couldn’t move

For seeing pictures

Seen from all angles

To try and show

It didn’t go over and wasn’t

A goal.

But who can dispute

What the history books say?

3-2 to the English

With time to play.

So mounting hysteria

English joy

But let’s move on

To the final act.

Obtuse (Villanelle)

Your attitude’s obtuse

Insensitive, unfeeling

I can’t take this abuse.


Complaining is no use

There’s no point me appealing

Your attitude’s obtuse.


I really must cut loose

Your answer’s quite revealing

I can’t take this abuse.


You finally cooked your goose

Blew up and hit the ceiling

Your attitude’s obtuse.


It’s just pretence a ruse

You don’t get how I’m feeling

I can’t take this abuse.


You’re ignorant, unfeeling

Frankly unappealing.

Your attitude’s obtuse

I can’t take this abuse.


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Summer of Sixty Six – Part Fourteen

2-2 all equal

So what that means now

Is 30 more minutes

 Left to go.

Who will be champions?

Soon we’ll know.

The Germans were flopped out 

All on the ground

But Alf insisted our lads 

Should stand.

Pointing at the German team,

“They’re finished”, he said, 

“Flat on their backs”.

And then he said, 

the immortal words

You’ve won it once , 

Go out there now

And win it again.

Some of you know

What happened next!

Plethora of Options (Pantoum)

There’s a plethora of options

So many I could choose

Choose one for adoption

What have I got to lose?


So many I could choose

Who knows which one is best?

What have I got to lose?

Just choose one ditch the rest.


Who knows which one is best?

Who can know the answer?

Just choose one ditch the rest.

It won’t be a disaster.


Who can know the answer?

A plethora of options

It won’t be a disaster

Choose one for adoption.


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