Summer of Sixty Six – Part Seven

Another diversion – forgive me please!

I want to talk about Jimmy Greaves.

Now Jimmy was the man

We learned to rely on

To score England goals

But here’s the diversion

For Greaves had been ill

He’d had hepatitis

Missed most of the season

And couldn’t oblige us.

As the World Cup begins

He was back on the scene

But three games had gone

And no goals for the team.

The whole England team had

Only scored four

And now Greaves was injured

And couldn’t play on

So who would be the chosen one?


Summer of Sixty Six – Part Six

Now what of the Germans

You may want to ask

‘You’re in their country’

You take me to task.

They start with a flourish

The Swiss swept aside

5-0 to the Germans

An excellent side

They’ve demolished the Swiss.

And they’re on a roll.

0-0 Argentina in a very rough game

But they clinched their progression

2-1 against Spain.

Their pictures are everywhere

Shots of the team

They’re convinced they can shatter

England’s dream.

A Dalliance

It’s really just a dalliance

A casual quick affair

Shouldn’t really of happened

But I saw you standing there.


It never really meant much

A spur of the moment thing

But I think of it and the sunshine

And my heart begins to sing.


Just a casual dalliance

A meaningless affair

But my heart still jumps

When I think of you

And I wish we were still there.





via Dalliance

It mattered once


You’re moving on; you clear your drawers

Of files not needed any more.

The stuff to chuck goes in a heap 

So little here you need to keep.


You worked so hard; it mattered once

But now has no significance.

You work so hard you toil, you care

And all for what? It don’t seem fair.


In retrospect it’s all forgot

So much you did not worth a jot.

It’s cast aside thrown on the floor

It doesn’t matter any more.


So why the worry? Why the stress?

It made so little difference.

So much is trivia you can park;

Will be forgotten; leave no mark.


You wasted so much anxt for this

What did you gain in happiness?



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