The Past is Past

arm-woman-hand-girl.jpgThe past is past, it’s gone it’s flown.

No point dwelling on regret;

It won’t come back. The chance’s blown.


For all we sit and sigh and groan.

However much we sit and fret.

The past is past, it’s gone it’s flown.


The things back then we wished we’d known

Lessons we learned we won’t forget.

It won’t come back the chance’s blown.


There may be chances to atone

A different option, better bet.

The past is past, it’s gone, its flown.


We learned the lessons we have grown

The future hasn’t happened yet

There’ll be new chances not yet blown.


Let go the past, though don’t forget

We’ll grasp the future not yet met.

The past is past, it’s gone it’s flown 

The future we will make our own.


Can and can’t


Poet Andrew Green
Can and can’t

You may think you can
You may think you can’t.
Whichever you believe
Will be true.
For if you don’t think you can
Then surely you won’t
But believe and it’s likely you can.

‘Maybe’, ‘might’ and ‘I’ll try to’
Are enemies of getting things done
Commit in your heart; say,
‘I can and I will’ and the goal
Will surely be won.

Wise words

Wise Words may come
From the mouth of a fool
It’s not what you say
It’s the things that
You do.

You can quote self help gurus
Till you’re blue in the face
But if you sit on your hands
You will stay the same place.

At the end of the day
You must step out in faith
You can’t walk on water
If you’re still in the boat.



Taking control

CEE0503C-94FF-4DC8-8817-400E0810329CThere are people who make things happen
And people things happen to
If you don’t take control of what happens
Then things will happen to you.

If you don’t want to be life’s victim
And just let life happen to you
You have to make some choices
And make things happen for you.

If you don’t take charge of what happens
Then good things won’t happen for you.
If you don’t take control of your life
Then other people will.

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It’s harder to grin


It’s all very well to wear a big grin
When life is basically good
But it’s harder to grin
When your life gets rough
And no good reason you should.

Sometimes the hurt is not just in your head
And things are genuinely bad
There are reasons for pain
So look for the root;
The place where you hurt,
If you want to get well again.

Sometimes what makes you angry
Or even just out of joint
Is not the real reason you’re hurting
Or what’s going wrong in your life.
If you do the same things
It will happen again
So what are you going to change?

Choose Happiness

28299874-38D3-4B6A-B375-546BAE3381B0As I wake from my bed

Put my feet on the floor

I give thanks for the day ahead:

For new thoughts in my head

A clean slate before

And the chance to start over again.


There are things that are bad

That could make me sad

There are things that I can’t control

But I have command of the things in my head

And I’m choosing happiness!

No such thing as failure

1E8B24A9-62B5-465F-9962-D5860FD798EBWhat ever it is
You want in life
You have to remember this.

You won’t always get
It right first time
Something will go amiss.

You have to try
And try again
And not lose sight of this.

There’s no such thing
As a failure till
The point when you give in.

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The Cat and the Kitten

6DA6A8EE-8494-4E72-AEAC-B3C730DD279DThere’s a tale that’s told
Of a kitten
That liked to chase
After its tail.
It chased it and it
Chased it; but

Try as hard as he might
The poor kitten
Couldn’t catch it
Couldn’t catch it
At all.

Along came an older
Wiser cat
Who watched him for
Quite a while.
“Why are you chasing
Your tail?”, he said.
“You can’t seem to
Catch it at all.”

“I can’t seem to ever
Catch it
That’s true.”
The poor little kitten said,
“But I have to try
And try some more
For I’m convinced you see
That the secret
Of happiness
Must be there
At the very end
Of my tail.”

The older cat watched
For a little while more
Then this is what
He said:
“I used to chase
My own tail once
Convinced I’d
Find happiness there.

But one day I realised
There was no need
To chase my tail any more;
For the secret that I learned
Was this.

There’s happiness
In the tip of my tail
But the wonderful
Thing you see
Is I simply go
Wherever I will
And the tail
Seems to follow me!”

Then the older cat
Upped and walked away
A happy smile on his face
And what the kitten last saw
Was the swish of his tail
As it bobbed along
In his wake.



You desperately want to be happy
But can only be happy when
You get that new job
Or a lottery win
You’ll surely be happy then?

There’s always another hurdle
One more barrier to cross
But you’ll only really be happy
When you know that you are the boss.

The truth is you’ll never be happy
Till you realise what happy is not
It’s not reaching out for the next thing
It’s to be happy with what you have got.

Check for a happy scarecrow!