Retrospect? With due respect…..


With due respect

I’d barely even started yet!

They took the Daily Prompt away

But haven’t really told us why.

It helped a lot

– it got me views

And now it’s gone.

That’s such bad news.






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Family Dosa


Dosa is a kind of pancake made from a fermented batter. Its main ingredients are rice and urad beans. Dosa is part and parcel of the South Indian diet and popular all over the Indian subcontinent. Traditionally, Dosa is served hot along with sambar and chutney. It can be consumed with idli podi as well.

I like a masala omelette

They’re a good way to start the day

But I fancied trying a dosa

Breakfast the Indian way.

So we got up early that morning

Slipping out the hotel

And went to a nearby eatery

To give the dosa a try.

I don’t know what possessed us

Why we got one so big

But we went for a family dosa

When it came it was four foot long.

I started slowly from my end

My wife started slowly from hers

We hoped we’d meet in the middle

But it really looked quite a task.

Daunting but breakfast is breakfast

We could only do our best

I picked slowly from my end 

And my wife picked slowly from hers.

We could feel the stares of the locals

Feel them stealing a look

But one of them came to our rescue

By ordering one of his own.

But he didn’t begin as we had

Nibbling away from the end

With a deft blow of his hand to its middle

He broke the dosa in two

And as the truth of our error now struck us

He proceeded to break it all up.

We smilingly did as he’d done

And the locals all smiled at us!


It’s broken, fragmented,

smashed into bits,

totally busted,

defective and chipped.


I’m not sure who broke it;

what damaged the thing?

It’s mangled, demolished,

disgusting. Just fling!


Too hard to restore it

and put the thing right.

It’s pointless and useless

A hideous sight!


A throw away thing

In a throw away world

No longer of use

They’re discarded and hurled.

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The Flavour of Belgian Beers (Found Poetry)

“Belgian brewers often supplement

the balance of malt sweetness

and hop bitterness with fruity,

spicy, floral and herbal aromas.”


Some Belgian beers are like running

through a hayfield at harvest

and others explode with

a whole orchard of fruit flavours.”


“Soft, mellow tartness

and mild horse blanket funk

will make you smile

and desire another glass”


Or a “delicate balance of grain

and caramel, burn and edge,

…..uniquely ancient taste.”


“I like to close my eyes and puzzle it out.

Where does the floral grapefruit end?

Where do the musty lemons begin?”


“An enchanting, not-quite-earthy

yeast character, a whiff of spicy hops

…. a tightrope balance

between crisp and malty.”

“The refined sourness countered

with some caramel sweetness.

… hints of raisins and red apples.

Sour meets sweet at a sublime level.”


Introtopoetry Day Seven – Found Poetry on the theme ‘of ‘Flavor’.



Oh, The Lies! (Justice for Asifa)

I love India but this case is a shocking indictment of the country. We need to stand foursquare behind Indians demanding justice.


With tears she enters the world

As her first shriek unfurls

Nobody to groom her, strengthen her

Nobody to apprise

That these shrieks are all that her destiny comprise.

We live in a country

Where a woman’s biggest fear is assault

A million molestation cases a year

A million cries for respect

And all we hear is

“It’s her Fault!”

From inappropriate clothing to staying out late

The Biggest lie they tell us is that

She is guilty for ruining her fate!

An eight-year-old,

What was her foible?

That she was a Muslim?

That she was a girl?

In the rallies that succour the horrendous rapists’ guise

How soulless are those men and women

Who accuse, on the name of religion and politics, a child?

The biggest lie they tell us is that

The law is equal for all who perpetrate a crime.

Why isn’t there an uproar?

Are minds…

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Juxtapose two opposites

Completely different things.

Contradictory qualities

And differences they bring.


Sometimes you must make a choice

And choose between the two.

But ‘either or’ solutions

Don’t always fit the bill.


You needn’t always make that choice

Although you sometimes will.

There are ‘both and’ solutions

Where both things can be true.

And embracing life’s diversity

Will be the thing to do.


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A response to the Daily Prompt


You’re always on your iPad

Or on the wretched phone.

Bloody social media

Leave the phone alone!

Forget about who follows

Whether you got likes,

Those tweets or notifications

The so called Facebook friends.

We are here, we’re in the room

Communicate with us.

You’re Facebook friends will still be there

So why the ruddy rush?

Let’s do stuff together

The way we used to do?

See what’s on the telly

That all of us can view.

Don’t look out the window

Don’t go out the door

There’s nothing happens off a screen

That matters any more.

Wave a phone before your face

See life through a lense

Nothing counts in modern life

That isn’t on a screen.

Intro to Poetry Day Six – Screen

Let’s not stand on ceremony

Let’s not stand on ceremony

Be blinded by the pomp!

Don’t think you can cling to power

Through how you dress things up.


We see through that palaver

The masquerade and games.

We all respect the history

But things can’t stay the same.


We like change to be gradual

The past not swept away.

But know that in the end

It’s the people who hold sway.


A response to the Daily Prompt

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Now You’re Famous

You longed to be known and famous.

It happened and now you’re not sure.

The paparazzi are calling

You’re not quite sure what it’s for.


You don’t want them knowing your business

You don’t want the fuss anymore.

The trappings of fame are perfidious

You wish you were once more obscure.


You can’t put the cork in the bottle

The good life is starting to pall.

The eyes of the world are upon you

You wish you could hide from it all.


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