Oh, The Lies! (Justice for Asifa)

I love India but this case is a shocking indictment of the country. We need to stand foursquare behind Indians demanding justice.


With tears she enters the world

As her first shriek unfurls

Nobody to groom her, strengthen her

Nobody to apprise

That these shrieks are all that her destiny comprise.

We live in a country

Where a woman’s biggest fear is assault

A million molestation cases a year

A million cries for respect

And all we hear is

“It’s her Fault!”

From inappropriate clothing to staying out late

The Biggest lie they tell us is that

She is guilty for ruining her fate!

An eight-year-old,

What was her foible?

That she was a Muslim?

That she was a girl?

In the rallies that succour the horrendous rapists’ guise

How soulless are those men and women

Who accuse, on the name of religion and politics, a child?

The biggest lie they tell us is that

The law is equal for all who perpetrate a crime.

Why isn’t there an uproar?

Are minds…

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