The Flavour of Belgian Beers (Found Poetry)

“Belgian brewers often supplement

the balance of malt sweetness

and hop bitterness with fruity,

spicy, floral and herbal aromas.”


Some Belgian beers are like running

through a hayfield at harvest

and others explode with

a whole orchard of fruit flavours.”


“Soft, mellow tartness

and mild horse blanket funk

will make you smile

and desire another glass”


Or a “delicate balance of grain

and caramel, burn and edge,

…..uniquely ancient taste.”


“I like to close my eyes and puzzle it out.

Where does the floral grapefruit end?

Where do the musty lemons begin?”


“An enchanting, not-quite-earthy

yeast character, a whiff of spicy hops

…. a tightrope balance

between crisp and malty.”

“The refined sourness countered

with some caramel sweetness.

… hints of raisins and red apples.

Sour meets sweet at a sublime level.”


Introtopoetry Day Seven – Found Poetry on the theme ‘of ‘Flavor’.



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