Old Harry Rocks

What stubborn nature left you there

Stark, standing separate from the shore?

White, defiant of time and tide,

Three lonely stacks against the shore?

And did you witness dinosaurs

Who roamed the white Jurassic rocks?

Did pirates hide within your lee

Or Vikings flounder In their boats?

Are you miscreant turned to stone

The action of time and tide on rock

Named for Old Harry the Devil himself?

I only know I love to stare

And see you standing off this shore

Bright jewels of Purbeck’s perfect coast.


The Flavour of Belgian Beers (Found Poetry)

“Belgian brewers often supplement

the balance of malt sweetness

and hop bitterness with fruity,

spicy, floral and herbal aromas.”


Some Belgian beers are like running

through a hayfield at harvest

and others explode with

a whole orchard of fruit flavours.”


“Soft, mellow tartness

and mild horse blanket funk

will make you smile

and desire another glass”


Or a “delicate balance of grain

and caramel, burn and edge,

…..uniquely ancient taste.”


“I like to close my eyes and puzzle it out.

Where does the floral grapefruit end?

Where do the musty lemons begin?”


“An enchanting, not-quite-earthy

yeast character, a whiff of spicy hops

…. a tightrope balance

between crisp and malty.”

“The refined sourness countered

with some caramel sweetness.

… hints of raisins and red apples.

Sour meets sweet at a sublime level.”


Introtopoetry Day Seven – Found Poetry on the theme ‘of ‘Flavor’.

From http://www.belgiansmaak.com/belgian-beers/

and http://dageraadbrewing.com/story/what-is-belgian-style-beer/


You’re always on your iPad

Or on the wretched phone.

Bloody social media

Leave the phone alone!

Forget about who follows

Whether you got likes,

Those tweets or notifications

The so called Facebook friends.

We are here, we’re in the room

Communicate with us.

You’re Facebook friends will still be there

So why the ruddy rush?

Let’s do stuff together

The way we used to do?

See what’s on the telly

That all of us can view.

Don’t look out the window

Don’t go out the door

There’s nothing happens off a screen

That matters any more.

Wave a phone before your face

See life through a lense

Nothing counts in modern life

That isn’t on a screen.

Intro to Poetry Day Six – Screen

Journey (Simile)

Life is like a journey

You haven’t  properly planned.

You’re not quite sure

Where  you want to go

Or what you’re going to need.


If you find the right road

You’re a very lucky man.

For life has many twists and turns

And so much can go wrong.


It’s not your destination

That matters in the end

But where you went

And what you saw

And who it was you met.


Learning from your journey

Is the most important thing.

So though you may be ill prepared

And not have what you need

The man who learns to love the road’s

A lucky man indeed.


Introduction to poetry – Day Four



Getting in the Water (Not a Haiku)

A toe dipped in the water

A toe dipped in the sea

In up to my ankles

That’s enough for me.

Wade a little further

Water round my calf,

In up to my middle

Laps my upper half.

Now it’s all or nothing

Finally took the the plunge.


Written for Intro to Poetry Day One Challenge. I did a Haiku too but that’s not really my style.