Journey (Simile)

Life is like a journey

You haven’t  properly planned.

You’re not quite sure

Where  you want to go

Or what you’re going to need.


If you find the right road

You’re a very lucky man.

For life has many twists and turns

And so much can go wrong.


It’s not your destination

That matters in the end

But where you went

And what you saw

And who it was you met.


Learning from your journey

Is the most important thing.

So though you may be ill prepared

And not have what you need

The man who learns to love the road’s

A lucky man indeed.


Introduction to poetry – Day Four





Good grief a doppelgänger

Another one like me?!!

Sounds a really scarey thought

But can happen apparently!


Is it just a look thing

So facially we’re twins

Or, shaped by our appearance,

Experience similar things?


Can different personalities

Hide behind one face

Or is there another, like of me

But in a different place?




via Doppelgänger

The Demise of the Daily Post Word Prompt

Reblogged on Andrew Green’s Poems have just got in to Daily Prompt will really miss it.

Tales from the mind of Kristian

I find it so incredibly sad that the Daily Press is closing its doors. I will miss the Community pool and the First Friday thingy they did. Most of all though I will be absolutely bereft that they will no longer be doing the Word Prompt of the DAY!!!!!

I can’t let this demise happen, I rely so heavily on the word prompt for Inspiration and also for distribution….

I have access to a Random Word Generator, so What I plan to do is a couple of times a week post my own word prompt. 

What do you think? Is this something you would be interested in taking part in? 

If you want to take part, please let me know, and then reblog so it gets round to as many people as possible. 

All the best



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We find the defendant guilty

Take him from the dock.

There ought to be a sentence

But for some crimes there is not.


The guilty pangs of conscience

Are sometimes all we’ve got.

To know that he is guilty

Will forthwith be his lot.


There’s no reprieve of sentence

Or chance of an escape

Haunting knowledge he did that

Will eat him from inside.



via Guilty

Getting in the Water (Not a Haiku)

A toe dipped in the water

A toe dipped in the sea

In up to my ankles

That’s enough for me.

Wade a little further

Water round my calf,

In up to my middle

Laps my upper half.

Now it’s all or nothing

Finally took the the plunge.


Written for Intro to Poetry Day One Challenge. I did a Haiku too but that’s not really my style.





You’re making a big assumption.

Are you sure you got this right?

You may not have the answer

Jumping in’s not bright.


Don’t rush to make assumptions

Before you’ve thought it through

Stop to think, discuss a bit

Get other points of view.


It may not be what you’re thinking.

It could be you got it wrong.

If you had properly thought this through

You’d sing a different song!


Things mightn’t be how you think them

That may not be how to is.

If it turns out later you called it wrong

You’ll rememember I said this.


Don’t leap to wrong conclusions

Or get the wrong end of the stick.

Sometimes you have to pause and think

Before you rush to pick.


A response to the Daily Prompt

via Assumption