Lost in the forest


I’m lost in the forest

Lost  in the wood

Surrounded by trees

Encompassed in myth.


Who lives in the forest?

What lurks in the wood?

Secrets surround us

What darkness is this?


Folk tales and heroes

And things that are hid

Don’t talk to strangers

Or get lost in the wood.


Men of the forest

All dressed in green

Things we don’t speak of

Perils unseen.


Keep to the path

If you pass through the wood

Hear the trees whisper

Beware of the wolf.


via Forest


8 thoughts on “Lost in the forest

  1. It’s one thing to be lost, another to realize you are not alone, a predator is lost out here with you. A secret uncovered through, forced exploration. Eludes to secrets, more questions, than myths to find.

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  2. Wonderful poem. So many days in my youth I spent wandering in the woods, often pursuing imaginary villains as if I were the hero. SO many days in my adulthood I got lost in the woods until I learned to rediscover their beauty in my own imagination. Wonderful, and no, you are not alone at all, I am certain many of us are here with you. — Stephen


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