Obtuse (Villanelle)

Your attitude’s obtuse

Insensitive, unfeeling

I can’t take this abuse.


Complaining is no use

There’s no point me appealing

Your attitude’s obtuse.


I really must cut loose

Your answer’s quite revealing

I can’t take this abuse.


You finally cooked your goose

Blew up and hit the ceiling

Your attitude’s obtuse.


It’s just pretence a ruse

You don’t get how I’m feeling

I can’t take this abuse.


You’re ignorant, unfeeling

Frankly unappealing.

Your attitude’s obtuse

I can’t take this abuse.


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A Hoax

It’s a hoax, a scam, a total fix

Surprised that you could fall for this.

The claims are false, a pack of lies

Youd walk away if you were wise.


He’s always doing stuff like this

You ought to give the guy a miss.

Don’t be fooled get taken in

Or listen to the likes of him.


He’s always on the look for fools

Gullible the ones he’ll choose.

Give me a break

For goodness sake.

It ain’t the truth.

It’s just a hoax.

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Crest has totally fallen

My crest has totally fallen

I’m down and out depressed

All those little problems

I never quite addressed.


I’d kind of got my hopes up

But now they’re totally dashed

It wasn’t meant to be like this

My big ambition crushed.


I was so near the summit

I thought I reached the crest

It seems there is another slope

So can’t let up or rest.


There is no sense in moping

You’ll not get anywhere

Dust yourself off and carry on

The prize will still be there.

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Nefarious activity

Stuff you’re doing wrong

Mightn’t yet be criminal

But I guess that won’t be long.


I guessed you were a wrong’un

Capable of crime

Criminal activity

Just a case of time.


One for dodgey dealing

Proper little spiv

Sorry to speak ill of you

But that’s the way it is.



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