Sometimes you have to lose it

To know what it really is.



Being one, whole person

A single face for all the faces

That you meet.


The danger is

You change your story

Tell it differently


Each new ear you greet.


Things fall apart

A different you

In each new place;

A tangled life

Of straying feet.


Stumbling, falling

Coming apart.



via Integrity – word prompt


You gallivant about the joint

As if you own the place

Never offer any help

It’s frankly a disgrace.


I’d say you’re just a passenger

You’ve just come for the ride.

I get so angry sometimes

The anger’s hard to hide.


You’ll go gallivanting

And expect a welcome back

It’s me that’s left to do the work

And take up all the slack.


While you’re off gallivanting

Caught in your social whirl

It’s me that’s left to clear things up.

It makes me want to hurl!






via Gallivant