What we saw at the Royal Wedding.

Our view of the carriage from Windsor’s Long Walk.


Poem for the Royal Wedding

Greetings from very busy Windsor.

Andrew Green's Poems


It’s three cheers for Harry,

And three cheers for Meghan

Forget about the national state

And celebrate a wedding.

Everything’s red, blue and white

Church bells are a-ringing

Everyone is on the street

And all the choirs are singing.

Got no time for grumpy folk

We’re overdue a party

Happy tears run down our cheeks

Our cheers are loud and hearty.

Politicians all poe-faced

None of them invited

Not been much to shout about

But now we’re all excited.

Meghan is a clever girl

Seen her on the telly

Bound to shake things up a bit

And add a bit of welly.

William is the one day king

Lesser role for Harry

But he’s found a super bride

He’s no need to worry.

Carriage round the Windsor streets

When will they get started?

Band strikes up a marching tune

Couple have departed.

Dad is anxious, checks his watch

Glad it’s…

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Premature Application

My application’s too early – a little bit premature

It seems Carol Ann still wants the job

And there’s not enough cash for two.


Two hundred a year and canary wine

Must stretch the coffers enough

My application’s premature

They don’t need two of us.


They don’t need another Laureate

At least for now, not yet.

So I’ll sharpen up my craft a bit

For now she’s a better bet.


At least I did a poem though

They can’t take that away.

I’ve done my little bit to help

The couple’s special day.


A response to the Daily Prompt

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Queen Elizabeth my neighbour

Our neighbours grandson’s getting wed tomorrow.

Andrew Green's Poems

6BF1439B-C0EC-48DE-A1D8-6C3DA0485FE2Liz from up the hill

Have you met my neighbour
Liz from up the hill?
She likes to walk her corgis
Husband’s name is Phil.

Curtsy when you meet her;
Seems that is the drill.
She may not have her crown with her
But ask her and she will.

The Castle’s really handy
For all the Windsor shops.
If ever she runs out of stuff
Across the road she pops.

She likes to wear a headscarf
It acts as a disguise
In case the folk of Windsor
Disturb her while she buys.

Her favourite shop, just near her
Is Windsor’s new T. Max
You’ll often find her in there
Going through the racks.

She never carries money
Or so I’ve heard them say
I guess they have to send a bill
For someone else to pay.

If ever you bump into her
She’ll ask you what you do
They’re short…

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The day we met William and Harry


2641AE12-A4C1-40FE-AC85-46C95B7C6885The day we met William and Harry

They came to the end of our road.

Datchet was under water

The Thames was in full flood.


We’d water in the high street

We’d water in our house

The Press were on every corner

And the army had been sent out.


The next thing we knew

The royals waded in

Helping with sandbag walls.

Harry and William they were both there

There at the end of our road.


Harry was in with the soldiers

Laughing and one of the lads

William apart and quieter

When they paused

From their chosen task.


I joined the line

Threw them sandbags

Even shook Williams hand.

They were decent lads

I liked them

Though life has set them


Royal Superfans

New and exclusive pictures – 2 days to the royal wedding but the super-fans are already in place.

Andrew Green's Poems

Royal Superfans - Harry and Meghan's Royal Wedding. Royal superfans preparing for Harry and Meghan’s Wedding.

And now they’ll come; the sycophants

In silly hats and draped with flags

Sleeping out for several nights

To save their place on Windsor streets.

They take it all a bit too far

We’re half amused yet half appalled

To view the strange exotic hoards

That gather now round Windsor’s walls.

We’re local, we’ll go. We’ll  line the streets

To catch the buzz, the grand parade,

The marching bands, the passing waves

But we won’t go wild like such as these.

It’s history, tradition it’s what we do

It’s part of what makes us who we are.

But keep it all in sane proportion.

You’re overboard, you go too far.

We know it’s eccentric, slightly wrong

But like it enough to carry on.

The royals are trapped as much as us

We’ll party on but please, no fuss.

Royal Superfans, Windsor Castle, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Wedding. Two days to go…

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Enthusiam’s infectious

It really catches on.

Once you’ve been infected

You’re sure to pass it on.


It affects everyone around you

To really good effect

And once everyone has caught it

There’ll be no going back.


So give it a shot

And try to infect

Everyone around.

It’ll have an effect

There’ll be no going back

And there is no cure for that.


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