I called you my mentor

But sometimes tormentor

Was closer to being the truth.

I’d try but I’d fail

And the cost of my failure

Was often that you’d hit the roof.

I’d try very hard

But I’d just hit the ceiling

And  your expectations were high

Just went through the roof.

I’d try hard to please you

But often displease you

I guess that’s just how you are?

It can never be known

If you’d left me alone

The creature I might have become.

But you are my mentor

It’s been an adventure

Without you I’d never have won.


via Mentor


3 thoughts on “Mentor

  1. I really like the opposites ‘tormentor and mentor’ that you used. I also really relate to the last half, I feel the same way about a mentor I had. I called him Ebenezer Miyagi…


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