Bah, Bah Bad Sheep

Bah, bah bad sheep

seems you broke the rule!

One rule for other folk

a different one for you.


A rule for the master,

a rule for the dame,

another for the little man

who lives down the lane.


Rules are made for bending

use your common sense

but if ‘‘twas you

that made the rule

it’s best the rule is kept.


Bah, Bah Bad Sheep

You should keep the rules

What you ask of other folk

You should do too.




10 thoughts on “Bah, Bah Bad Sheep

    1. Hi I start with the rhyme and see how it can be fitted to what’s happening. A ‘black sheep’ and one for the master, one for the dame took it in the direction it went. More than one high profile minister and or adviser has been caught out bending rules. A recent incident was in my mind but no indication to target. If the cap fits wear it as they say.

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