Humpty Dumpty Fell Off A Wall

Any resemblance to recent events is unintended and purely coincidental.

Humpty Dumpty
fell off a wall
The King and his men
weren’t happy at all.

There’s too many falling
Too many ill
The numbers are rising
They’re going up still.

All the Kings horses
and all the Kings men
Couldn’t get numbers
To come down again.

There’s too many poorly
And flat on their back
It’s clearly a problem
We’ll just have to crack.

But the King said it’s simple
Here’s what we must do
Nothing gets done
If it’s left up to you.

The numbers keep rising
Because you will count
If you stop counting
The numbers won’t mount.

If Humpty’s still broken
We’ll just look away
If nobody sees
Then there’s nothing to say.


5 thoughts on “Humpty Dumpty Fell Off A Wall

  1. Oh Andrew… they turn a blind eye, and the other one’s made of glass……..I wrote a Humpty-Dumpty one a couple of years ago……but I was happy with the positive outcome….
    Tell Humpty Dumpty

    I’m feelin’ groovy
    Without reeling
    Like a soft shoe shuffle
    Floating on air
    Without a stumble
    No crumbling or tumbling
    Tell Humpty Dumpty
    To hold the horses
    And the walking soldiers
    I’ve found my extra pieces
    On the other side of the fence
    I’ve fallen on my feet
    Like a cat with nine lives
    Lucky as a four leaf clover
    Like a minstrel boy and his violin lover


  2. Thanks you are too kind. It struck me when I started nursery rhymes often have quite ghoulish origins, Ring a ring of roses was inspired by the Great Plague for instance.So I tried to strike that balance of childish but real.


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