Lockdown in a shoe

Lockdown is tough

if you live in a shoe

with this many children

and nothing to do.



Kiss them and feed them;

stuff them with broth

But when they are bored

that will not be enough.



Father’s on furlough

but no help at all.

They don’t have a garden

can’t kick a ball.



We can exercise outside

but just once a day

with strangers all glowering

‘Keep out the way’.



No sitting down

or enjoying the sun.

No open space

for the children to run.



As for home schooling

that’s kind of rough

with this many people

to concentrate’s tough.


Lockdown is hard

if you’re stuck in a shoe.

You’ve a nice house

so it’s ok for you.


‘A pause in the normal

rare peace and quiet’?

That’s ok for you

but our house is a riot.


Stuff them, feed them

fill them with bread

TV, the sofa

then pack them to bed.


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