Back to school

Mary had a little lamb

They said go back to school

She wasn’t sure if she’d be safe

But they had changed the rule.


Now everywhere that Mary went

The lamb was sure to go

He followed her to school that day

Though Mary didn’t know.


It made the children laugh and play

To see a lamb at school

But as for social distancing

To them it seemed too cruel.


They were so pleased  to see their friends

They laughed and squealed with glee

A lamb in class made them forget

To do things differently.


‘It’s hard enough to keep kids safe,

the lamb should not be here!’

The angry teacher turned him out

But he still lingered near.


He waited patiently there bouts 

for Mary to appear 

She promised she would take him home

And made her anger clear.


“What makes the lamb love Mary so?” 

The eager children cry; 

“She understands the rules so well”

The teacher did reply.


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