The Tail Runner

The men at the front of the race

Set off at a generous pace

They don’t see what happens behind.

But if you go to the back

The thing you must know

Is some runner’s are really slow.

And if you’re are right at the back

It’s the tail runner’s job

To make sure you’re not alone.

In his bright yellow coat

The tail runner’s job

Is to make sure you all get home.

How ever far back you get

The tail runner’s always there.

He’ll run at the pace

Of the ones at the back

And make sure they all get home.

You may run really slow,

Even drop to a walk

But the tail runner’s job 

Is to stay at the back.

He’ll go as slow as you.

He’ll stay at the back

Where the slow runners are

And make sure we all get home.

Now I don’t know much about heaven

Or the other place they call hell 

But I’m sure there must be an angel

Who does this very same thing.

They stay with every last sinner

And jog along at our side

And they won’t drop the latch

On those mythical gates till

The last of our race is inside.

Like the shepherd who searched

For the very last sheep

Or the woman who’d lost her coin

I’m sure God must send an angel

To make sure we all get home.

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