Give three cheers for doggerel
The lowest form of verse.
At least it keeps us off the streets.
We could be doing worse.

There is no rhyme or reason
For writing stuff like this.
If you want proper poetry
Best give this a miss.

I’d love to be a poet
But doggrel’s kind of good
You simply write the way you want
And not the way you should.

You just keep writing nonsense
Whatever may present
It doesn’t have to mean that much
Just kind of make some sense.

They say that poetry changes things
That words can make a difference
But people seem to like this stuff
Is that a fair defence?

Nothing ever changes much
What ever we may do
So just churn out the rubbish stuff
Whatever pleases you.

There’ll be no revolution
And revolutions hurt
So just pretend; do make belief
And maybe get the shirt.

There is no point to any of this
It just goes on and on
Poetry comes of passion
But doggrel don’t need none.

Give three cheers for doggerel
The lowest form of verse
There’s not much point in any of this
But we could be doing worse.


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