Windsor’s Royal Wedding

B3573B28-BCCF-4A08-99CC-6E0010151A15Still no word from the Castle about my offer to be the new Poet Laureate. I didn’t mind too much about being left off the guest list but I think they should take me up on my offer of a poem. As I said to Her Majesty, in an earlier letter, the proper poets have all turned it down but I could turn something out at the drop of a hat and it wouldn’t be half as stuffy. I’m local too. They should give me a try.

A Wedding

There’s going to be a wedding
Just up the road from us
I could have written poems
They only had to ask.

They should know
I’m up for Laureating.
I offer often enough.
I’m their local poet
But seem to get forgot!

You can fuss around
With diamonds
Worry about the dress
But there ought to be a poem
I’m really quite distressed.

You can leave me
Off the guest list
I know it’ll be a squeeze
But don’t forget the poem
Call me quite soon please!


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