Send me your best Mother’s Day poem.

1EFE2111-9F9A-44B9-8452-08203822DEA7Sunday March 11th is Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday in the U.K. Post your best mother’s day poems in the comments below by Friday evening and I’ll republish the best three Mother’s Day poems submitted in my blog on Sunday.

The writers submitting the best three Mother’s Day poems will also receive a free paperback copy of my book Margaret’s Story: a Biography in Verse my mother’s life story in rhyme.



7 thoughts on “Send me your best Mother’s Day poem.

  1. This is Shrikrut kuraware from India. And I gifted the one to my Father on Father’s day . Please have a look .
    Father is a person ,who builds up our character.
    Keeping calm in adverse situations is his X-factor.
    He nourishes us with good qualities without any discouragement .
    Even after various loses he supports us with his support & encouragement.
    Even if he scolds us, his scolding teaches us a lesson.
    The one who guides us a right path ” Father” is that only person.
    It’s just like if the son is in need ,father is indeed .
    Under his supervision only , you’ll lead.
    And hence he must be our priority .
    Because under his supervision only , we can achieve prosperity .
    Lastly , he is the only one who hides his tensions ,ignores his comfort & happiness just to make us happy.
    So ,don’t hurt that gentle Father .


    1. Great, I like it. We usually celebrate Father’s Day in June though, coincidentally around the date of my birthday. I wanted this to be about mothers in tribute to my mother Margaret.


  2. Dear Andrew,

    In response to your request to send
    you our best Mother’s Day poems to publish in your blog,
    I am sending you this special poem that, unfortunately, I did not
    quite finish revising/editing in time to publish last year. However ,
    I am honoring you by permitting you to publish it on my behalf.
    This will explain why it does not appear on my profile. I do intend to
    include it in my profile just prior to Canadian Mother’s Day for this
    2018 year.


    My son phoned earlier today
    To wish me a Happy Mother’s Day
    Since he lives so very far away
    And cannot visit during May.*

    Would he say what I hoped to hear?
    Or would I have to wait until next year?
    My heart pounded with uncertainty, with fear.
    From my cheek I dabbed a tear.

    I recalled my first Mother’s Day
    When I closely observed his play.
    It really was such a special day
    Watching him in his crib where he lay.

    I wondered if he would ever say
    The words I wanted to hear today:
    “Mother, I love you,”
    Even though I know it’s true.

    I’m sure he does in his own way
    But doesn’t bring himself to say.
    However, instead, what he said was:
    “Mother, I phoned you simply because

    Tomorrow it will be Mother’s Day.”
    I almost blurted out, “You don’t say.”

    Gail Runschke, May 13, 2017

    A/N I dedicate this poem to all sons of loving mothers.
    Please, oh please, tell them the words they want to hear:
    “ I LOVE YOU, MOM.”
    *Mother’s Day in Canada is the second Sunday in May.


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