2FE4270A-59E9-4A55-9D72-F9C960DD12F8I look in the mirror
It isn’t me.
Where is the person
I’m meant to be?

I stare back at accusing eyes;
I swear the face in the mirror cries.
How did I earn the face I see?
Is this the person I meant to be?

It feels I’m leading another’s life
Who is that person, who is me?


3 thoughts on “Mirror

  1. Thank you Andrew for this great post! I love it. I’m so happy it’s not only me that feels this way about mirrors! I think they lie! I think it’s a good idea to have a photo of you at a time in life that you’d want to freeze and just tell your mind that this is the real you! Ha! Bravo, My Friend!!


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