pexels-photo-934011.jpegElaborate, complicated or opaque!

That’s not the stuff I celebrate.

Keep it plain and simple me

Like to boast simplicity.


Over complicated, deep

Learning curve

That’s much to deep?


Some can do it

But not me.


Won’t expand, elaborate

For emphasis

I’ll just repeat.





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Once we were legion, now we’re depleted.

So few of us now; we used to be more.

There’s me and my brothers, a few others too

Not sure about some of them; not sure of you!


Surrounded, depleted, outnumbered too few

Our ranks are diminished, whose with us, are you?

Do you stand where you once did? Do you stand with us now?

Our numbers depleted, we sorely need you.


Certainties questioned, the things we once knew,

We’re down to the hard core, the core chosen few.

Rally the ranks, stay true to the cause

it may be a lost cause but surely it’s yours?






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Rush? Rush?

Must I be quick?

Or is another meaning hid?


The basket mid the rushes hid

Is that where baby Moses is?


Or could the rushes hide a trap

That heedless prey may stumble on?


Or just be laid there on the floor

Soft bedding for a gentle nap?


The lesson is that fools rush in

First take a pause and then begin.

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The Daily Prompt

Inchoate Poem

You’ve caught me out. I’m slightly shocked.
You’ve kind of caught me on the hop.
The ink’s not dry, it’s still quite wet.
I haven’t wrote a poem yet…

It kind of starts a bit like this
But what comes next you’ll have to guess.
Don’t pressure me or make me sweat.
I haven’t wrote a poem yet.

I’ll write one soon, if you can wait
but hurry me up; it won’t be great.
Peeking now is just not fair
Half an idea, it’s not quite there!

Not quite there. It’s such a pity
Still born, half formed, inchoate ditty.

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