Christmas Mix

Come let’s stir the Christmas pudding

Throw stuff in the Christmas mix:

Christmas jumpers, boring uncles

We three Kings and magic tricks.

Hark the herald, here comes Santa

Hang your stocking by the hearth.

Joseph, Mary, reindeers canter

Peace and love and joy on earth.

Christmas markets, deadly drivers

Fix a wreath upon your door.

Children with their happy faces

Frantic parents hit the stores.

Out collecting, tinny music,

Christmas carols everywhere.

Rattled cans, help the poor,

Care at Christmas, not before.

Wrapping paper, tinsel, baubles

Christmas presents deck the floor.

Frightened Shepherds, holly, ivy

More mince pies, can eat no more.

Come thou long expected Santa

Jesus sleeping in the hay.

Bring us presents Christmas Day.

Get the children in their beds.

Here comes Santa on his sled.

Reindeer pull the magic sleigh

Past office parties off their heads.

Shepherds quake upon a hill

Eat and drink until you’re ill.

It’s the season to be merry

Let’s get high on bottled sherry.

Jesus, Mary, come on in

The party’s here, forget the inn.

Much too drafty in the stable

Come on in we’ll set the table.

Sit here round the Christmas tree.

Bethlehem’s an alright story

All those angels, realm of glory.

But it’s same old child, same old story

Must be better on TV.

Let’s forget those silent nights

Let’s get merry, let’s get tight.

Come oh come, Emmanuel,

Wenceslas gathering winter fuel,

Christ has come to earth for us

We’ll invite him if we must.


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