Cucumber Rhumba

6C54CD19-4A62-4936-A8C7-55ECF4FDBA2E.jpegIt’s a cucumber rhumba

Shakedown vegetable ball

She’s one hot tomato

Staked up struttin’ tall.


Dig those great potatoes

See them pumpkins sprawl

Vegetables a dancin’

No better sight at all.


There’s some fine chuck berries

Rhubarb’s gonna be wine

Apple sauce with dumplings

Fine crop harvest time.


Cabbage Patch percussion

Beetroot keepin’ time

Purple Sprouting, Runners

Strawberry fields; all mine.


Broccoli a go go

Lettuce all alone

Grandad in the veg patch

Raking out the stones.


Shed your inhibitions

Call a spade a spade

Do the mashed potato

Think we got it made.


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