Summer of Sixty Six – Part Twelve


Now the excitement is mounting

Who can deny

But the signs are quite subtle

And not as you’d think.


Merchandising’s not yet born

There’s no cars bearing English flags

Or for that matter German

But TV and papers are full of the game.


It’s in the shops

On everyone’s lips.

There’s World Cup Willie cups and bits

But barely a sign of replica kits

And only ever worn by kids.


Flags came out but mostly at matches

And the flag of choice is the Union Jack

With barely a sign of red on white;

St. George’s Cross, the cross of hurt.


The day is soon here

The game begun

The TV gathers



We watch with neighbours from down the hall;

Ugo his dad and his

German mother.

Tension mounts with the familiar chant:

Clap, clap

Clap, clap, clap

Clap, clap, clap, clap



The Germans score first

Through Helmut Haller

It’s the first time England

Have been behind.


But on 19 minutes

We’re right back in it

Moore with a cross

A header from Hurst

And it’s one apiece.


We’ve waited so long

The time goes quickly

But half time comes

With no more goals.


One one, all even.

The first half over

We don’t know yet

What’s still to come.


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