Summer of Sixty Six – Part Nine

Elsewhere in the tournament

The Germans went through

4-0 they won their game

But quite a to do.

Uruguay finished with only nine men

Two down the tunnel

So all over then.

There’s mounting excitement

Round Wickrath by then

But the rivalry’s unspoken.

You must understand

As we build to that match

That we lived side by side

But wouldn’t mix much.

Before we go further

I ought to explain

That we travelled a lot

Each place felt the same.

Every place a cLike our Aldershot home


where we went to school was big as it got,

Joint Headquarters for Allied Troops.

We’d bus there from Wickrath

Most every day

But only meet one German

As we went on our way.

We’d wait till everyone

Was on the bus

Then someone we’d say,

‘Alles Farah’

And he’d drive us away.

So we hardly saw Germans

And spoke to them less.

There’s a story about this

That still makes me cross

Of how at school

When they gave us a ‘choice’

They made me learn Latin

No German at all.

So what German I learned

I picked up here and there

Or got out of comics

And stories of war.

So think back to our leisure

When we’re kicking a ball

It’d just all us English

No Germans at all.

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