Summer of Sixty Six Part Eigh

Next up was a game

That should have been cleaner

That infamous game

Against Argentina.

Alf at the end wouldn’t 

Let them swop shirts

The story goes Ramsey got shirty

The tackling too rough

And the tactics plain dirty.

Rattin went off 

For abusing the ref

It took them ten minutes

To get the guy off.

Alf called them ‘animals’

And got in hot water.

But, despite the kerfuffle

And mighty great fuss

1-0 to the English 

The win went to us.

1-0 was sufficient

One goal would do.

But who was it scored it?

I’ll tell you who.

Greavsie was injured

As I’ve told you before

So the scorer that day

Was the famous Geoff Hurst.

Of whom more to follow.


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