Summer of Sixty Six – Part Three








So now back in England

They’re set to begin

The teams have assembled

In four groups of four.


Three games for England

If they want to progress

Uruguay, Mexico

And neighbours France.


Uruguay first up and we couldn’t wait

Not knowing the opponents

Had come to frustrate.

So the game we had waited for

Finished nil nil.


We were left disappointed

But expectant still

For a journey to glory

It was a slow start

But closer to home

Was a much bigger thrill.


Full compensation

For a boring nil nil.

I have missed out a chapter

For it’s important to know

Of an important event

As detailed below.


You won’t understand

From your wired up world

We’d not got a telly

With being abroad.

We had to accept we would not see

Programmes in English or only a few.

So to get a TV was quite a big step.

Yet events were unfolding

We just had to see

So we came up with the cash

For a rented TV.


Imagine the excitement

When we first got our telly

It was just black and white,

The picture not great

And not in a language we understood

But we’d got a telly so life was all good.

To be continued


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