My Dylan moment?

Not quite Dylan going electrical but andrewagreen goes Rupi Kaur could have the same effect on my somewhat more limited following. I’ve billed it a spectacular failure to write like the Instagram sensation as I’m more of a diddly dee silly rhyme merchant while she does lots of blank space and not much ink.

The danger is I’ll annoy Rupi fans, as I’m sometimes less than reverential, and lose a few of my own who’ve never heard of her and wouldn’t like her stuff if they had. The trouble is, since Carol Ann Duffy saw me off for the Laureate job I’m getting desperate.

The good news if you follow Andrew Green’s Poems is it’s pretty much business as usual on here. My new venture Light and Bitter, a spectacular and increasingly impatient attempt to write like Rupi Kaur is appearing on, my offering for the 2018 Watty awards.


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