Dear Poet Laureate where’s our poem?



D4C99235-ED02-4FFE-9F90-70C87986BDFBCarol Ann Duffy have you written a verse

To celebrate the new Royal birth?

It’s hard I know for a child with no name

A tough life in the poetry game.


It’s a tough old job but you took the shilling

Have to show up and look half willing.

We often have jobs that we don’t love

We struggle, get by, just do enough.


You’re busy perhaps with the wedding one?

Big jobs or small they have to be done.

I’d knock something out before the name

They might give him one that’s hard to rhyme.


You know I hope I’m willing to help?

I’m no great poet but can knock out verse

I’ll do my best with a line or two

But won’t be the same as one from you.


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