St. George’s Day

St. George’s Day Celebrations – April 23rd – Photo from Coventry Telegraph

He got about did our Saint George

Can it be true he’s from abroad?

I guess, but for the dragon thing

They never would have chosen him.


They chose him for his slaying skills

The very man to cure our ills

To keep all dragons from our shore

There are no dragons anymore.


They say that he was born a Turk

But went to Rome in search of work.

A Roman soldier on a horse

He slew a dragon in due course.


England’s long past celebrating

Leave that to the other nations.

We are scared to wave our flag

Lest they think we’re fascist thugs.


It’s used for things we can’t support

So only gets brought out for sport.

The Welsh, the Irish and the Scots

Wave their flags but we can not.


Nationalism’s just not cricket.

Can’t be English only British.

No patriotism that’s deeply felt.

We have to leave that to the celts.


Three cheers today is George’s day

Whose flag we wave when we’re at play.

So raise your glass and drink to him,

The knight who did the dragon in.


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