Egg Hunt

Come and join the Easter Egg Hunt
Bought to you by Cadbury
Needn’t wait for Easter Sunday
Egg hunts happen every day.

Don’t be bothering with Good Friday
Men on crosses, stuff thats sad
We all love the Easter Bunny
So much fun that can be had.

Run around our muddy woodlands
Chase around our muddy lakes
Nature trails and Cadbury’s cream eggs.
Why be sad for goodness sake!

Come and have a fun filled Easter
Cuddly bunnies, little chicks
Can’t be fussed with resurrection
Church was never fun like this.

You can fight a fiery dragon
You can solve a mystery
Face paint, games, and fun activity
Carnival and family games.

Help preserve our special places
So future generations can explore
As long as we’ve got special places
Easter’s message we’ll ignore.

Britain’s National Trust, a charity that preserves land and historic properties for the nation, was criticised last year for an Easter Activity programme that made no reference to the religious festival. Their original publicity even omitted the word Easter.


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