Sometimes a good cup of coffee

Is enhanced by the froth on its top.

If the coffee is strong

And the drink’s not too ‘long’

The flavour will come bursting through.


The froth can help hold the flavour

It lingers there on the tongue

But the coffee has to have substance

It’s no good if drunk on its own.


It can be the same with writing

A rhyme can push it along

You can jolly it up with rhythm

But if nothing is said

Your words will fall dead

They won’t stand the test of time.


Daily Prompt Froth –

The Poet’s Muse


She’s a delicate flower the poet’s muse.

She can really inspire but will always refuse

To do menial tasks or help with chores.

She will take your hand, help you find new heights

And will gladly unveil her supreme delights.

But the humbler tasks she’ll blithely ignore.

For muses won’t work nine to five you know.

They’re not always ready or  ‘good to go’.


She may not deliver every day.

Too delicate in her temperament.

You can hector her but she won’t relent.

She can’t work like that. It’s not her way.

The poet’s muse is a sensitive flower.

If you treat her badly she’ll sulk and glower.

She’ll punish you, leave your head in hands



A poem a day’s not really her style.

She alas can’t inspire you all the while.

She loves to delight but not to plan.

So treat her kindly, don’t push her too hard

Respect how she’s made. The way that she’s wired.

Treat her gently, don’t let her get tired.

For a poet can’t work if he’s not inspired.