Summer Of Sixty Six – Part Five

Then it was France

And 2-0 again

Hunt with both goals

To help England win and

In case you’ve not noticed

They’d not let one in.

Two wins and a draw

So England are through

But the Germans are talking

Of Franz Beckenbaur.

Elsewhere some surprises

The Brazilians are out

The favourites are ousted.

We’re in with a shout.

The Italians, God Bless them

Why they’ve gone home too

1-0 North Korea

They’ll have to lie low.


Summer of Sixty Six – Part Four


So it’s back to the football

Without more ado

To see what the white shirted

English will do.


Two  games from the knock outs

And much left to do

Who’ll be the heroes

To pull England through?


Next up are Mexicans

And Bobby Charlton

Holds sway.

2-0 to the English and

We’re on our way.


You’ll never believe me

But I’ll swear to this day

That his shot for the goal

Burst through our TV!