The wise man builds his house on rock

I built mine on sand.

I’m ok while the sun still shines.

For now my life is grand.

For now it’s all just perfect,

In fact my life’s a beach.

I gamble freely in the sand

I’m out of trouble’s reach.

I have to pray it never rains

My dreams aren’t washed away.

I never make too many plans

Just live from day to day.

I know that life can trickle through

your fingers just like sand

but I’m happy enough, at least for now,

On this most pleasant strand.

Life can be a bully

Kick sand in your face

But, for now, I’m right at home

in my happy place.

A noggin is never enough

Sometimes you just want a noggin

A swift one that just hits the spot

Something to just wet your whistle

A quick one just for the road.

The trouble alas with a noggin

Is a noggin is never enough

You think your not up for a session

But the noggin just sets you off.

You can’t beat the taste of the first one

The feel as it slips down your throat

But it just sets you up for the next one

The noggin will just start you off.

It’s hard to remember the noggin

Will just be the first of a few

You just popped in for a noggin

What’s a poor drinker to do?


I intended to write

but‘ve forgotten

what I intended to say.

It can’t have been important.

I hope not anyway.

It was probably something I’d seen

or maybe read

but it’s gone right out my head.

Sometimes that just happens

or seems to anyway.

I could have got distracted

been thinking of something else.

Maybe it will come to me.

Just talk among yourselves.

No! I’ve clear forgot it

Nothing comes to mind

Shuffle about

and clear my throat

write something else instead.

A response to the Word of the Day Challenge – ‘Forgotten’

A few quick lines

The word of the day is quick

So that’s what I will be

I’ll dash something off

and make it quick

Just a few quick lines.

Slap dash, done in haste

I can not hang around

Barely stop to catch my breath

Feet don’t touch the ground.

Oh! Struggling with the pace.

Now I’ve tripped!

More haste less speed.

I’m going much too fast.

And now I’m out of breath,

I went off much too fast

Could never keep that up

Could never ever to last.

I’m pooped, I’m done

I can’t go on

Pity but I petered out

All burned out

I’ll have to stop.

A response to the Word of the day challenge – ‘Quick’